Making I.T. Happen! A Toolkit for Building Collaborative Relationships with your IT Department

Jon Solomanhappen

Presenters: Jon Soloman and Kris Johnson

Originally aired: 05/15/2013

IT folks carry the stigma of being particularly non-collaborative, but the stereotype of the loner programmer barricaded in a cubicle is not necessarily accurate. The growing number of collaborative projects between library public services and IT departments make it necessary to examine relationships and create excellent communications for resulting success. This program will discuss proven management and collaborative techniques for building relationships, through self-assessment and teambuilding techniques, and will offer a glimpse into how strong relationships between IT and public services libraries can lead to award-winning and innovative projects.

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About Jon Soloman

Jon Solomon received his MLIS at San Jose State University and has presented at State and National conferences, sharing his unique experience of managing projects from both the public services and I.T. side of a library organization.  After 15 years of library experience in academic and public libraries, as well as experience as a Product Manager for a major ILS Company, Jon is most proud of his ability to make change in each of these organizations through building collaborative relationships and ensuring that his community’s interests are primary to any project. His passion is making “technology happen” by making it understandable and enjoyable for library staff and customers, and is always looking for new ways to develop and maintain positive working relationships between IT and library staff.

About Kris Johnson

Kris JohnsonA native Montanan, Kris Johnson has worked in libraries across the western U.S. since receiving her MLIS from the University of Texas at Austin. After nearly 15 years working in academic libraries (information literacy, first year experience, credit-based courses), Kris transitioned into consultation and project management in her present position at the Colorado State Library, where she runs the AskColorado/AskAcademic Virtual Reference Cooperative. Kris loves working with I.T. and has experience working with programmers, server administrators, web designers, and vendors. Kris most enjoys helping librarians learn and grow so they can provide top notch customer service and help their organizations achieve excellence.