Defining Team Roles and Responsibilities


Defining the roles, understanding the role responsibilities, and agreeing on who will handle that role is essential to the formation, reformation and continuity of a team.

Clearly defining employee roles on your team is vital to its efficiency and success. When team members understand their roles, they will be more productive and have a greater sense of buy-in and accomplishment.

This interactive and fun webinar will help participants learn and begin to master:

  • The when, how and why for managers, supervisors and team leaders to determine team members roles and responsibilities
  • Defining your team direction, creating action plans and gaining unconditional commitment

Attendees will also receive sample roles and responsibilities of the Team Leader, Team Facilitator and Team Member positions.

Audience: iLead USA Utah participants; all Utah library workers

Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck

Sponsors: Utah State Library; iLead USA

Series: iLead USA Utah