Turning the Page 6: So What’s Next?


At this point you have created a solid Advocacy Work Plan based upon your established advocacy goal (“Getting Started” & Week 1). The purpose of Week 6 is to begin to put that plan into action and determine how to make your goals a reality.

This Week’s Goals

  1. Assemble the final Advocacy Work Plan, based upon the previous five weeks’ thoughts and content
  2. Determine strategies on how to implement and manage your Advocacy Work Plan in order to meet your Advocacy Goal
  3. Discussion on the 5 areas of focus:

A. Identifying key milestones and determining what ‘success’ means for your Advocacy Work Plan.
B. Case study about needing funding but procrastinating in developing a plan and asking.
C. Case study about getting the city hall and the board all on the same page.
D. Team communication.
E. Your completed Advocacy Work Plan: So what’s next?

Location: Online

Audience: Turning the Page 2.0 participants; all Utah library workers and supporters

Instructor: Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

Recording Date: 9 Dec. 2013

Series: Turning the Page 2.0 Utah!