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Creating a Positive Workplace Part 2


Slides for Creating a Positive Workplace Part 2part2

Everyone wants to work in an organization that’s brimming with positive energy. But how can we create and maintain a positive work environment, especially when “Negative Nancy” is in the library? Creating a healthy, positive work environment is the key to employees being happier with their work an in turn more efficient and productive . The challenge is “how” do we do create it?
This interactive and fun two part webinar series examines four hurdles that library leaders face when bringing about positive changes in the library workplace and gives practical ideas for overcoming those hurdles. We’ll include case studies from libraries that have successfully created a healthier library for the employees and their patrons, including some of the mistakes that were made along the way!  In Part Two, we’ll examine:


  • Hurdle # 3 – Motivating employees by inclusion: Ultimately, your people have to want to make the change. But how will you help them stay motivated through the process?
  • Hurdle #4 – Having a resistance plan for your change implementation. People will resist, count on it!

Audience: All Utah library workers

Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck, People Connect Institute


Emotional Intelligence: Raise the Bar on Service

Presenter: Lauren Burnett

Emotional intelligence in service is the ability to balance task plus relationship and thus increase the value of the customer service experience. This session explores key points of connection, the value of making Customer-Smart SM decisions and embracing authority as well as the accountability and empathetic design in raising the customer experience.

Turning the Page 4: Building Relationships


The purpose of this session is to build your networks and relationships beyond what is currently happening in order to best leverage your resources and meet your advocacy goals. We can do this by:

  • Determining which key people and organizations should be included to meet your library’s advocacy goals
  • Identifying how having effective relationships and understanding “what’s in it for them” can help with current and future advocacy efforts for your library
  • Focusing three facets of relationship-building for our advocacy efforts: identifying relationships, building relationships, and cultivating relationships.

Location: Online

Audience: Turning the Page 2.0 participants; all Utah library workers and supporters

Instructor: Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

Recording Date: 25 Nov. 2013

Series: Turning the Page 2.0 Utah!