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Analyze Your Own Statistics: Create & Use the LibPAS Online Reports Feature


Creating a LibPAS Report for Utah Libraries by Juan Lee, USL State Data Coordinator: Downloadable PDF



Reports Documentation by Counting Opinions:

Every year public libraries collect statistics of service and report them to the State Library using LibPAS®. But collecting the data is only part of the fun. The real fun begins when you analyze your data and discover trends; when you use your own statistics to make statements about the services you offer; and when you share golden pieces of information with your library’s stakeholders.

In this webinar, you will learn how to create and use the REPORTS feature in LibPAS, which holds 10 years’ worth of statistics you have collected, to make reports for your library board, to make comparisons with other libraries, and to celebrate your successes and determine your weaker areas.

The webinar will cover:

Overview of what’s available in the reporting tool
Navigating through the Reporting side of LibPAS – functionality, layout, and structure
Creation of a basic table report
Making more complex reports
Best Practices when making reports – What can I use this for?

Location: Online
Audience: Public Library Directors and Administrators
Instructor: Lindsay Thompson, Counting Opinions (SQUIRE) Ltd.