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Influence when you have no power or authority


presentation slides

Regardless of whether you have a great deal of positional power or authority or none at all, you can exert meaningful influence and help bring about the future you prefer. Using proven techniques grounded in a simple model of coaching, and practicing emotionally and socially intelligent behaviors, you can learn to bring yourself into a state of greater resourcefulness, focus your attention and energy, get into action, and exert purposeful influence in any situation.

Presenter Bio: Peter Bromberg is the Associate Director of Public Services for Salt Lake County Library Services. He has been working in libraries for nearly 25 years  and has worn many hats including those of reference, teen, legal, environmental, and consortial librarian.  Peter was dubbed “The Transformer” by Library Journal in their 2008 Mover/Shaker issue for his work as a coach and mentor, and his role in building a number of high impact collaborative statewide programs such as  “NJ Train-the-Trainer” and “Super Library Supervisor workshops, and QandANJ, the country’s first 24/7 Virtual Reference service.  He has been involved with many leadership initiatives on state and national levels, including Chairing and co-facilitating ALA’s “Emerging Leaders” program, and co-designing and delivering an intensive experiential leadership institute for the Oklahoma Library Association that was structured around the principles of emotional intelligence.

Location: Online

Audience: All Utah library workers

Presenter: Peter Bromberg, Associate Director of Salt Lake County Library Services

Sponsors: Utah Library Association, Utah State Library, Salt Lake County Library Services

Series: ULA / USL Lunch Hour Librarianship

Date: 24 Feb. 2015


Creating a Positive Workplace Part 1


Slides for Creating a Positive Workplace Part 1

Everyone wants to work in an organization that’s brimming with positive energy. But how can we create and maintain a positive work environment, especially when “Negative Nancy” is in the library? Creating a healthy, positive work environment is the key to employees being happier with their work an in turn more efficient and productive . The challenge is “how” do we do create it?
This interactive and fun two part webinar series examines four hurdles that library leaders face when bringing about positive changes in the library workplace and gives practical ideas for overcoming those hurdles. We’ll include case studies from libraries that have successfully created a healthier library for the employees and their patrons, including some of the mistakes that were made along the way!
In Part One, we’ll examine two hurdles in changing the work environment:

  • Hurdle #1 – Helping employees understand “why” the change is needed. Remember: People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.
  • Hurdle #2 -. Overcoming “We’ve always done it that way”. The past is comfortable, even if it isn’t healthy or positive. We’ll discuss how to implement new expectations and behaviors.

Audience: All Utah library workers

Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck, People Connect Institute

Date: June 11, 2014

Resolving Situations of Conflict Within a Team


Conflict is natural within the workplace and a predictable part of working with others in an organization. Unfortunately, it also negatively affects morale, motivation, communication, attitudes and the productivity of the team.

This interactive and engaging webinar will give you information to help you handle situations of conflict appropriately so that your conflicts can be resolved and your teams can work more harmoniously.
Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • Valuable communication skills to use in situations of conflict
  • Three techniques to help members work through difficult team situations
  • Turning team conflicts into positive outcomes

Location: Online

Audience: iLead USA Utah participants; all Utah library workers

Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck

Sponsors: Utah State Library; iLead USA

Series: iLead USA Utah